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Can I Get A New Boiler And Pay Monthly?
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Can I Get A New Boiler And Pay Monthly?

Can I Get A New Boiler And Pay Monthly?


Can i get a new boiler and pay monthly?

In a short answer, yes you can.

With finance becoming a more popular way to pay for your new boiler, lots of companies our now offering boiler finance. Including us here at Platinum Boiler Installations.

Lets face it, who wants to spend their hard earned money on a boiler? I know I certainly don't!! Thats why it maybe better for some people to spread the cost of a new boiler, rather than paying a large chunk of money upfront. Particularly when that money could be spent on a holiday or a new car.

Is buying a new boiler on finance right for me?

Ultimately that is a decision only you can make.

For some people, spreading the costs of a new boiler over smaller amounts per month is a better way to pay. For other people, paying for it upfront is a better option.

We never sway our customers one way or the other. We just have it there incase people want to use it.

Does applying for a new boiler on finance affect my credit rating?

Like with any finance, once you submit an application for finance, this will appear on your credit rating.

We can provide you with the monthly costs before submitting the application form.

Do I have to tell you all our personal details?

No. We use a Hitachi Finance as our lender. We create the application form and send it via e-mail for you to fill in. You can then fill out all your own personal details, and submit it back to Hitachi at your own leisure.

How long does it take to get a decision?

The great thing with Hitachi Finance is you will get a decision within 30 seconds once you submit the application. We also get notified of the decision, which means we can get your new boiler installation booked in asap. This helps speed up the process, which is better if your current boiler is not working.

Can I pay a deposit to lower my monthly outgoings?

Yes. Depending what boiler finance you choose, you can put down whatever deposit you like. We can use the finance calculator to tell you how much your monthly payments will be, before submitting an application.

Do you offer 0% APR?

Yes we offer 0% apr pay monthly options. All jobs on 0% apr are subject to a minimum deposit of 50%. For more information on our 0% new boiler options, please click here.

Do you offer no deposit options?

Yes we offer no deposit options. You can spread the cost of these over 3,5,7 or 10 years. For more information on our no deposit options, please click here.

Can I buy now & pay later?

Yes we also offer buy now and pay later options. You can have your boiler installed now, and pay within 12 months. For more information on our buy now and pay later options, please click here.

I am a Landlord, can I have boiler finance for my rental?

Yes, we have some fantastic offers especially for landlords. For more information on these, please click here.

Can I change my mind once the finance has been agreed?

Yes, you have a 14 day cooling off period. So, if you change your mind you can cancel the agreement without any penalties.

Can I Get A New Boiler And Pay Monthly?

Getting a new boiler and pay monthly deal is a great way to keep your savings safe. It gives you the flexibility of having a set amount of money to pay each month, which makes it easier to budget. In these uncertain times at the moment, it may be better for you to leave your savings in the bank and spread the cost of your new boiler with our range of flexible payment options.

If you would like more information on getting a new boiler pay monthly offer, contact our friendly team today. Click Here to contact us today.

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