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Is Your Boiler Ready For Winter?
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Is Your Boiler Ready For Winter?

With what has been the craziest year in most peoples lives, don't let a broken boiler add to your woes.

Its been a long summer, and your central heating has most likely been off for the last 6 months or so. Even though your boiler has been working for hot water, its important to now check your central heating is working.

In this blog, we are going to give you our top tips to ensure you stay warm this winter.

Boilers and central heating systems have many different components. Over the summer months when not in use, these can seize up, or fail altogether.

The last thing you want is to not have any heating when you need it most. This is why its better for you to check your heating now!!!

With the mornings and evenings getting a little cooler, now is the perfect time to check your heating. It is best for you to turn your heating on now, even if its just for half hour to get some heat going through your system.

If your heating is working, go round and check your radiators are all warming up. If its cold at the top, this means there is air trapped and will need venting with a bleed key.

**TOP TIP** It is also important to check the bottom of the radiator, if its cooler at the bottom than the top, this could be a sign of sludge build up in your system, for more information on this, please click here.

When carrying this out, its important to let the system heat up for at least an hour, the bigger the system the more time you will need to let it warm up.

My Boiler Is Not Working?

Is Your Boiler Ready For Winter?

If your boiler is not working in central heating mode, don't panic!! Its not yet cold enough where you desperately need your heating on.

This is why its important to check it early before heating companies get really busy and can't get to you on the same day when you need your heating the most.

More often than not, it will be a simple fix and something your local boiler engineer can fix there and then. If it does need a part, its best to do get it sorted before the really cold weather sets in.

My Current Boiler Is Old & Unreliable

Buying a new boiler is something thats not top of everyones shopping list, myself included!!! Lets face it, we'd all rather spend that money on a nice holiday in the sun. But a boiler is the hardest working appliance you have in your home. This is why its important to have a reliable and efficient boiler installed in your home.

If you think your boiler is not going to last the winter, get some quotes now.

Depending on your current system set up and the new boiler to be installed, a boiler installation can take 1-4 days. In the warmer months, this isn't a problem. But when its winter, you maybe a few days without heating and/or hot water, which is obviously not what you want.

For more information on how long a boiler replacement takes, click here.

Buying a new boiler also offers you peace of mind. Having your boiler installed by us, we can offer you up to a 12 year guarantee on Worcester Bosch boilers. Thats every part in your boiler, covered until 2032!!!

Need More Information on a New Boiler?

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Get Your Boiler Serviced

Getting your boiler serviced is important to maintain your boilers efficiency and safety. Your boiler may have a developing issue inside that you cannot see.

During a routine service, checks and tests are carried out which can give us notice of issues that may occur in the near future. This problems can often be easily rectified, if let too long they can develop in to more major problems for your boiler.

For more information on boiler servicing, Click Here.

As a boiler installation company, our main focus is to keep you and your family safe and warm. If you follow these useful tips, it will help you and your family stay warm this winter.

Please don't leave it until the last minute as from October-February are extremely busy months for most heating companies. If you think your boiler is not going to make it through winter, get it checked out now while the weather is still mild.

Is Your Boiler Ready For Winter?

If you need any help or advice with your boiler or central heating system, get in touch with us today by Clicking Here.

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