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How Long Does it Take to Fit a New Boiler?

How Long Does it Take to Fit a New Boiler?

A boiler replacement will vary depending on what your current boiler system is, and what system you would like once the new boiler is fitted.

If it is just a straight forward boiler replacement, e.g a combi boiler coming out and a new combi boiler being fitted then this will usually be completed in a day. Most of the pipe work will already be in place (as long as it is in good condition). It may need a gas upgrade & a new condense pipe run if they are not already there. This should be picked up on a survey.

If you are having the system power flushed then this will be 2 days. A  power flush itself will take a day, although you will not be without central heating or hot water over night. The same will apply for a heat only boiler and a system boiler swap.

If you are converting the system from a gravity fed boiler system (with a cylinder and tanks in the loft) this will usually take between 2-4 days. Although it will depend on how many engineers are working on the job.

If you are having the cylinder changed, you should allow another day’s labour as well as the boiler installation itself.

How Long Does it Take to Fit a New Boiler?

Other factors that could affect the time scale of a boiler replacement are:

  • Is the new boiler going in the same place as the old boiler – moving the location of the new boiler will take longer as all the pipe work to be re-routed. This will add time and money on to the boiler replacement.


  • Does the flue go through the roof – If your flue goes through your roof space then this will add time and money on to the job. The extra labour and possibly scaffolding will need to be taken in to consideration for your new boiler replacement.


  • Is your current boiler condensing – If your current boiler is not a condensing boiler then you will need to get a pipe from the new boiler location to a drain, it is always best to keep a condense pipe internal to reduce the risk of it freezing.


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