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New Boiler Pay Monthly
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New Boiler Pay Monthly

Want to pay monthly for your new boiler?? Not a problem, we offer excellent flexible payment options with manageable monthly payments.

You can upgrade your old, inefficient boiler for a modern condensing boiler with no upfront costs. Its just another way we can help our customers when looking for a new boiler. With most new boiler installations coming in over £2,000, you can spread the payments over 2-10 years to help pay for your new A grade efficiency boiler.

New Boiler Pay Monthly

Should I Pay Monthly for my New Boiler?

With a pay monthly boiler, or boiler finance, there is no upfront costs to pay when having your new boiler installed. You can spread the payments over a term that suits you. If you require a new boiler urgently and don't have the funds available to pay for it all at once, you can spread the cost of your new boiler in manageable monthly instalments. You may just wish to spend your money on a holiday, instead of buying your new boiler in one go.

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Benefits of Paying Monthly for your New Boiler

Avoiding having to pay for your new boiler upfront is one of the main benefits, but here we will look at some other benefits of spreading your new boiler over monthly payments:

• Affordable Monthly Payments

With the option to spread the cost of your new boiler monthly, you can pick a loan term that suits your monthly budget. You can spread the cost of the new boiler from 2-10 years, so you can pick a monthly figure that suits you.

• No Upfront Costs

When your boiler breaks down, you have little time to save the money up for a new one. By paying for your new boiler monthly, you don't have to pay a penny upfront yourself.

• Terms to suit you

When deciding to pay for your new boiler monthly, there are lots of different contract terms to suit you and your budget.

• No hidden costs

All the costs for your new boiler will be in with the quote and you can also sign up to a service plan to ensure your new boiler is properly maintained and the guarantee still valid.

• Faster Installation

Without the need to save up for up for your new boiler, you can get it installed faster. When you have no heating or hot water, time is of the essence.

• Better boiler

When buying your new boiler on monthly payments, it gives you the flexibility to upgrade to a better boiler that may have been out of your budget before. For an extra few pound a month you can choose a more high quality boiler.

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Is a pay monthly boiler right for me?

Paying monthly for your new boiler is a question only you can answer. We never push for boiler finance, we just have it as an option to make buying a new boiler easier for our customers, should they need it. When buying anything on finance, you will end up paying more in the long run than if you were buying it outright. The contract terms can be long, depending on how long you take monthly payments over. If you are considering moving house, even if its in 5 years time, you don't want the term of your new boiler over 10 years and end up paying for a boiler in a house you don't live in anymore.

Boiler Pay Monthly

Need more information on paying for your new boiler monthly?

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Matt Hughes is the Managing Director of Platinum Boiler Installations and his mission is to make boiler installations as simple and hassle-free for customers as possible. What Matt doesn't know about boilers simply isn't worth knowing! Connect with Matt Hughes on LinkedIn >>

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