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New Boiler Cost?

New Boiler Cost?

In this blog post we will cover how much a new boiler will cost, and a few of these to help give you a guide on what to consider before getting a boiler quote , and the price you can expect to pay.

The Type Of Boiler

The first thing is what system do you currently have installed and what system would you like?? If you currently have a combi boiler installed and would like another combi boiler fitted then this would reduce the labour cost quite significantly, as most of the pipe work is already in situ (this should be a one day job but would be more if a power flush is carried out) compare this to if you have a regular boiler fitted with tanks & a cylinder and then you would like a combi boiler installed (this is what we call a conversion or an upgrade) these jobs can then vary from 2-4 days depending on the pipe work alterations that need to take place to convert it from the old system to a new system.

The Flue

Another factor you may need to look at is, does your flue go straight out the wall or does it go through the roof?? If your boiler is located in an airing cupboard for example and the flue goes through your loft space and terminates through your roof this can typically add around £250-£400 on to  the price of the job.

The Guarantee

Look at the warranty/guarantee on any new boiler and factor this into making your decision, it may be worth spending a bit more now for a longer warranty as typically a boiler will breakdown the older it gets.

When considering purchasing a new boiler factor in the cost of any boiler cover plans you currently have as the new boiler will be covered by the manufacturer for parts & labour throughout it’s a warranty period, (remember to read the small print to ensure you keep the warranty validated) this could save you up to £400 per year plus the savings on your energy bills from your new efficient boiler it could pay for itself within 3 years.

Installation Costs

The main cost for a new boiler installation is the boiler itself, the labour price will be the same if you have a £400 boiler fitted or a £1500 boiler fitted, with this in mind do your research on reliable brands as you will want this boiler to last you for the next 10-15 years. Speak to your installer about the flushing of your system, a dirty system can dramatically reduce the life span of your new boiler. A clean system will make your radiators hotter, make the radiators heat up faster, increase the life span of the system & make the system more efficient which will save you money on your energy bills. You wouldn’t put 20yr old oil in a brand new car engine so don’t put 20yr old dirty central heating water through your brand new boiler!!!!!

Need More Help?

For more help and an upfront price please complete our new boiler quote form or get in touch with our friendly team on 01922 503579. Our boiler engineers will be happy to share with you the best options for you, your home and your budget.

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