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new boiler cost
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New Boiler Cost


The cost of a new boiler can vary from house to house. Some new boiler installations maybe straight forward & others might be more complexed. From simple combi swaps to complex conversions, in this blog we are going to go through EVERYTHING you need to know.

Your guide to new boiler costs in 2020.


Finding a cost for your new boiler can seem like a minefield, some costs are worryingly low and others, well, you could buy a car for what they are charging. So lets have a look at the true costs when looking for a new boiler.


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How much do new combi boilers cost?

A new combi boiler installation can cost from £1500-£4500, depending on the type of your current boiler, what new boiler you require, the warranty length and how complex it is to install.

  • Premium Boilers = Higher Price
  • Complex Installation = Higher Price

A straight forward job, you would be looking at the lower end of the scale. If it is a more complex job, then expect to pay something towards towards the higher end. We have developed a brand new quoting system that can work this out in less than 30 seconds!!! To find out more, Click Here.


Combi - Combi Boiler Swap

A combi boiler swap is the most straight forward boiler install. They are pretty straight forward as all the pipe work is already in place. The only thing to ensure is, the current gas pipe is adequate for the new boiler and there is drain/waste close by for the condense pipe, if the current boiler is not already condensing. For more information on what a condensing boiler is, Click Here.

Our average combi - combi boiler swap is £1900. Click Here to get your FREE Fixed price boiler installation in less than 30 seconds


Conventional - Combi Boiler Swap

Upgrading from a conventional system, including tanks & cylinder, to a combi boiler can be more complex. The old boiler, tanks & cylinder will be removed and the pipe work converted to suit a new combi boiler. A conventional - combi boiler swap are quite labour intensive, compared to a combi-combi boiler swap. They require more materials, more labour and more flushing, so all this adds up to a higher cost.

Our average conventional - combi boiler swap is £3500.


Back Boiler - Combi Boiler Swap

The work involved in the conversion from a back boiler - combi boiler is pretty similar to a conventional - combi swap. There is more work involved when taking out a back boiler. Your fire and back boiler will need to be removed during the installation. There tends to be slightly more pipe work alteration and labour involved in a back boiler conversion, although this is not always the case.

Our average back boiler - combi swap is £3800


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10 Factors which can affect the cost of a new boiler

There are many different variables to consider when looking for a new boiler cost. Here we look at the Top 10 factors to consider when searching for a new boiler.

#1 - The cost of the boiler: Typically range from £600-£1500


#2 - Cost of the installation: Typically range from £500-£1600


#3 - Flue: A vertical flue can add between £300-£500


#4 - Relocate Boiler Position - Typically range from £200-£600


#5 - Smart Controls - Typically adds around £150-£250


#6 - Magnetic Filter - Typically adds around £100-£150


#7 - Powerflush - Typically adds around £250-£500


#8 - Gas Pipe Upgrade - Typically adds around £150-£300


#9 - Condense Pipe Install - Typically adds around £50-£150


#10 - Plume Kit - Typically adds around £100-£200


As you can see, there are a lot of variables when working out a new boiler cost. All of these factors must be taken in to account when deciding what new boiler to have installed.

We have developed a system that work all this out for you from the comfort of your own home. Click Here to get your instant quote

Who should I use to fit my new boiler?

Having a new boiler installed is not cheap. This is why you need to research it thoroughly before buying one. You may look at your energy supplier first, like British Gas for your new boiler quote. Traditionally, you pay a premium to have these under take your new boiler installation, and a majority of the time it is fitted by a sub-contractor. You may look at a local boiler installation company, like us, to fit your new boiler. A local company can sometimes offer you a better deal, you may get extended guarantee's on the boiler (if the company you instruct is accredited to a boiler manufacturer). The big utility companies will try to tie you in to a service contract, so more on going costs for you.

We have made an e-brochure with everything you need to know in more detail. Download it here for FREE.

What are the benefits of having a new boiler fitted?

The main benefits of having a new boiler fitted are:

  1. Improved Efficiency - Save up to £315 per year on energy bills. Find your property on the Energy Saving Trust website
  2. No Monthly Contracts - If you are paying your energy supplier for boiler cover, then you cancel it, as the boiler will now be covered by the manufacturer
  3. No High Repair Bills - As your boiler will be covered by the manufacturer for all parts & labour, you will no longer get any nasty shocks next time your boiler breaks down. Let us install your new boiler, and you will receive a 12yr parts & labour guarantee, for more information, Click Here

If you are paying for a service contract and have an old, inefficient boiler you could save up to £600 per year by having a new boiler installed!!!!

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